Reference PKV-040
Food safe Made in bamboo Made in glass

Homemade spread kit with glass jar and integrated bulk bag


An ideal gift for chocolate addicts! The kit includes a glass jar with a bamboo lid and spreader, a cotton bulk bag and a spread recipe. If you have always wanted to make your homemade spread, the kit will accompany you in each of these steps.

We want to encourage you to consume quality products. The best dishes are those in your kitchen! The production of the spread raises many ethical questions and we believe in supporting sustainable alternatives. This is why we offer you a homemade recipe for the pleasure of young and old alike. Make this preparation a moment of conviviality, in all simplicity!

Reference PKV-040

Make and store delicious spreads with our airtight jar, and garnish your sandwiches with our bamboo spreader. Our recipe included in the kit will guide you through this taste experience! nnnWe designed this kit with you in mind. The materials chosen are emblematic of the Pebbly product family: borosilicate glass and bamboo. Glass is very resistant and very suitable for storing your spread. The bamboo used comes from environmentally friendly production. The lid is airtight and protects your confection from humidity and keeps it at room temperature.