Reference NBA177

Set of 3 zero waste bags


Shopping for groceries in bulk is not always practical when you’re not properly equipped, right? Discover the perfect set to reduce plastic packaging!


Bulk bag L: 25 x 30cm

Vegetable bag: 30 x 40cm

Bread bag: 34 x 40cm

Reference NBA177

When aiming to transition to zero waste shopping in bulk is a great first step, allowing us to dramatically reduce the plastic packaging we can easily accumulate during our visit to food stores. nnThis set consists of a bulk bag, allowing the transportation of cereals, legumes, dried fruits and muesli. It has a good density so that even the finest ingredients will not pass through the fabric. nnThe vegetable bag consists of a solid fabric base and a net to hold fruits and vegetables whilst allowing them to be ventilated. Finally, the bread bag is ideal for transporting and storing a large loaf or several baguettes.

All Pebbly zero waste bags are made from organic cotton, contributing to ethical and environmentally friendly production. nnOrganic cotton is known to be more sustainable than traditional cotton because its fibers are better preserved and not damaged by numerous chemical treatments.