Reference NBA055

Breadboard and toast tongs set – natural


The Pebbly breadboard and toast tongs set is the perfect breakfast companion. Cut your sandwiches, toast them and catch them without getting burned thanks to the Pebbly toast tongs! Practical, aesthetic and resistant, this set can accompany you on a daily basis.

The board measures 26x 20cm

Reference NBA055

This breadboard and toast tongs set is easy to store in the kitchen. It has been designed to take up as little space as possible thanks to its compact size. The toast tongs easily fit in a utensil pot and the breadboard can be stored horizontally or vertically with your other boards. The Pebbly colorful breadboard is ideal for slicing bread before serving in the kitchen or directly on the table during meals. It also has very good stability on the worktop or the dining table when presenting or cutting bread.

The bamboo composing this breadboard and toast tongs set is strong and robust, it has the advantages of resisting humidity which ensures long-lasting use. Bamboo is renowned for its ecological factors, it is a plant that grows quickly, requires very little water and can be harvested up to 5 times each year. It’s easy maintenance guarantees you comfort in daily use.

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