Baker’s set

The baker’s set was created for bread lovers. From transporting your bread, to cutting, to storage, this set will be incredibly useful on a daily basis. 

Dimensions : 

Breadboard : 28 x 18 cm 

Toast tong : 20 cm

Bread bag : 40 x 34 cm


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A set for every day
The breadboard in this set has chocolate-colored edges. This very on-trend shade will bring a warm and elegant touch to your table or worktop. Highly practical, it has a notch to lift the grid more easily to collect the crumbs. nnThe toast tongs are made from natural bamboo, so you can easily grab your toast from the toaster without burning your fingers. The organic cotton bread bag is ideal for carrying and storing bread for longer.
Natural bamboo
The bamboo used for Pebbly utensils comes from the Fujian region near the bamboo fields in Eastern China. Handcrafted, each product is entirely unique. Bamboo has several advantages that make it perfect for use in the kitchen. It is water-resistant which means it does not absorb moisture from food or cleaning, allowing it to last for a long time. Additionally, bamboo has excellent environmental qualities as it is a grass that requires little watering and can be harvested several times in one year.
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