Reference NBA087
Made in bamboo

Stainless steel bamboo mash press


Making vegetable or fruit purees requires a powerful and practical tool, which is why the stainless-steel puree press is an essential feature in any kitchen. It allows you to make mashed potatoes, vegetables or fruits in a simple way without the need for an electric device.

Reference NBA087

The Pebbly stainless steel potato masher is an essential tool for your mashed potatoes, vegetables or fruit. Light and compact, this masher guarantees optimal efficiency in the preparation of your recipes. It has a bamboo handle which is pleasant to hold, and holes of different sizes designed to effortlessly facilitate the pressing of food. nnThe Pebbly stainless steel potato masher combines simplicity and authenticity in an attempt to return to the highly efficient utensils that our grandmothers used. The size of this stainless-steel potato masher is compact, so it will take up little space in your kitchen and can be easily stored in a drawer. Its sleek design will suit all types of interiors.

The Pebbly stainless steel potato masher is slightly curved to efficiently produce purees. This very resistant material does not oxidize, and thus benefits from excellent durability over time. nnThe bamboo handle of the Pebbly potato masher is lacquered with a red paint to provide a pop of color to your kitchen. Rounded, it also provides good grip which is essential to providing the necessary pressure to crush or mash.