Beeswax Food Wrapping Sheet with Button

No more single use polluting aluminum foils and plastic films. Make way for washable and reusable beeswax wraps.

They are used as traditional packaging, to store fruits, vegetables, cheese and bread or to cover containers.

Dimensions: 43 x 58.5 cm


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An eco-responsible alternative to disposable food films
The wrapping sheets are made from a cotton fabric soaked in beeswax, tree resin and impregnated with jojoba oil. They benefit from the natural antibacterial characteristics of beeswax which allow food to be preserved longer.
What uses?
The XL sheet, with organic cotton button coated with beeswax, allows you to wrap large foods such as bread, cabbages or an opened squash or melon. nThe button allows the packaging to be securely closed, for better conservation and safer transport.
Cool foods before packaging. Hand wash in cold soapy water and air dry. When well-maintained they can be used many times. The packaging of raw meat and fish is strongly discouraged.

Feuille d'emballage alimentaire à la cire d'abeille avec bouton 43 x 58,5 cm

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