Stainless steel compost bin 7L

With a capacity of 7 litres, the stainless steel compost bucket is the ideal partner to help you achieve sustainable and responsible living.


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An ally for sustainable everyday life
Perfectly suited to a practical and aesthetically pleasing composting routine, the Pebbly brushed stainless steel indoor compost bucket embodies a resolutely sustainable choice for your kitchen. Made from corrosion-resistant brushed stainless steel, it guarantees exceptional longevity. Its non-toxic composition ensures safe daily use. What's more, brushed stainless steel, which is non-porous and scratch-resistant, effectively eliminates odors and marks, maintaining an impeccable appearance over time.
Practical and aesthetic
Featuring a bamboo handle, this bucket is easy to transport to the composter or your garden, simplifying the composting process. Its one-handed lid makes adding organic waste effortless. The integrated removable charcoal filter reduces unwanted odours, providing a pleasant experience. With a generous 7-liter capacity, this bucket limits the frequency of your trips to the composter, saving you precious time. Finally, its elegant brushed stainless steel design adds a modern touch to your kitchen, transforming it into an accessory as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Pebbly indoor compost bucket is the perfect combination of durability, practicality and aesthetics, significantly improving your composting routine while preserving the environment.

Usage tips : Empty the bucket outside once a week. Easy to wash with hot water and washing-up liquid. Avoid using strong chemical detergents, which could damage the outdoor composter. The filter should be cleaned regularly by hand in warm soapy water to prevent shrinkage.

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  • Frame Size - 7L (Ø 22 x 25 cm)
Bamboo, Stainless steel
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