Chef’s Set

For apprentice cooks or those who spend hours in the kitchen, the chef’s set contains all of the essentials for making delicious meals ! 

Dimensions : 

bamboo board : 28 x 20 cm

peeler : 20 cm / paring knife  : 21 cm

organic cotton bag : 33 x 26,5 cm


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Utensils for every day!
The chef’s set is useful for all of your daily preparations: it consists of a small bamboo board, a practical organic cotton mesh bag to transport and store vegetables, a small paring knife and a peeler with a natural bamboo handle. nnThe bamboo board has a channel and a well to collect the juices of fruits, vegetables or meats when cutting. Made of natural bamboo, it is both durable yet elegant on a worktop or dining table. nnThe organic cotton bag is ideal for holding fruits or vegetables, as its net allows for better ventilation.
Bamboo, an ideal material in the kitchen
Ecologically, bamboo has many advantages that make it an ideal material for the kitchen. nnBamboo grows without fertilizers or pesticides and can be harvested up to 5 times a year. This plant regenerates itself. nnBamboo objects are highly durable over time and resistant to moisture. At the end of their lifetime they can be put in compost because it is a wholly natural material.
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