Borosilicate glass

Pebbly has made the choice to use natural, quality materials suitable for contact with food. 

Naturally, the brand has turned to borosilicate glass for the composition of its creations. It is a material with many desirable qualities surrounding performance and safety. 

Borosilicate glass, exceptional quality

A resistant and hygienic material

Borosilicate glass is a premium glass with very good heat resistance. It is resistant to thermal shock (immediate temperature changes) up to 180°C, and to extreme temperatures (up to +400°C). You can take a borosilicate glass dish out of the refrigerator and place it directly into a hot oven.

It is also a very suitable material for food contact. Borosilicate glass is free of BPA and phthalates. It thus ensures healthy and safe preparations for you and your family.

Borosilicate glass is often used in chemical laboratories and in the pharmaceutical industry for its strength and natural hygienic properties. It does not retain odors and will not stain upon contact with colorful foods such as beets or spices.

Multi-purpose, this material is compatible with the oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer.

Borosilicate glass is very resistant to mechanical impact. However, in rare instances where it does break, it is more likely to crack than explode. It thus offers a safety advantage for daily use in the kitchen. 


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A slim an elegant design

In addition to the functional aspect of borosilicate glass, Pebbly wishes to bring a design and aesthetic touch to its products.

Two techniques are used for their design, as borosilicate glass can be molded (e.g., storage boxes) or blown for a finer and elegant finish (e.g., the measuring glass).

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