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In order to take our actions to protect the environment further Pebbly has chosen to join the 1% for Planet collective, a global and philanthropic movement that brings together businesses, consumers and non-profit organizations.

The principle is simple: Pebbly donates 1% of its turnover to approved associations that take concrete action to protect the planet. It is a strong, contractual and irreversible commitment.

When you buy a Pebbly product, you are taking concrete action to protect the environment by helping to fund activist associations who play an essential role in resolving the many issues facing our planet. 

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For healthier lifestyle

By creating practical and functional products from natural materials for cooking and storage, Pebbly is committed to encouraging healthier lifestyles. In today’s society it is becoming increasingly important to return to natural materials. Our health can benefit from the use of natural materials in the kitchen such as glass, bamboo and organic cotton – guaranteed to contain 0 BPA or other endocrine disruptors found in alternative containers. Using natural materials also eliminates plastic waste. 

For more environmentally friendly consumption

Our goal at Pebbly is to help you discover a mode of consumption which is more respectful of our environment. We offer solutions for bulk shopping and composting all organic waste. By reducing our consumption of disposable packaging and establishing new habits in our daily lives we can each, at our own level, contribute to a sustainable ecological transition. 

To reduce plastic

The elimination of plastic must ultimately be one of our common goals. We work daily at Pebbly to eliminate plastic from our products, instead favoring sustainable and recyclable materials such as glass, bamboo, organic cotton and even metal.

We also design 100% recyclable packaging. In 2020, we have eliminated the majority of plastics that were used in the composition of the packaging of our products. For our deliveries, in France or for export, we take care to package and protect all of our products with recycled materials such as cardboard crimps. This solution, which is much more environmentally friendly, reinforces the vision we have developed for our brand and demonstrates the authenticity of our approach. 

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