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At Pebbly, we have developed many cotton creations for our latest collections and we naturally turned to organic cotton.

The textile industry is currently one of the most polluting on the planet, and cotton cultivation is a key contributor to the problem. This plant, which is found in the vast majority of our clothes, uses a lot of water to be cultivated. Cotton cultivation also accounts for 25% of insecticides and chemical pesticides used across the globe. 

Organic cotton is grown only with natural fertilisers and insecticides, without chemical pesticides, heavy metals and GMOs. The cultivation of organic cotton therefore does not deplete the soil and does not harm the surrounding ecosystems. Additionally, organic cotton saves water compared to conventional cotton.

The organic cotton industry is more respectful of working conditions, especially through the restriction of chemicals and the use of natural fertilisers. It is a prime example of ethical manufacturing, and also protects the inhabitants located near the plantations.

Organic cotton is known to be more sustainable than traditional cotton because its fibers are better preserved and are not damaged by numerous chemical treatments. 

The organic cotton used by Pebbly is GOTS certified

Third-party certification bodies like GOTS verify that organic producers only use methods and materials permitted in organic production.

The GOTS label is the safest certification label for organic cotton. The ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ certification integrates social and ecological factors and is based on independent certification of the entire supply chain to ensure authenticity. 

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