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The regulation on sorting is evolving !
Starting from January 1st, 2024, composting will be mandatory for many households in France, in accordance with the 2020 law on combating waste and promoting a circular economy. Individuals will be required to compost their organic waste or valorize it in alternative ways, for example, by using communal composters. At Pebbly, we see this obligation as an opportunity to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of composting and to promote more sustainable practices to preserve the environment. Let's prepare for this new regulation and discover the benefits of composting through the indoor steel compost bucket to reduce our impact on the planet.
Why compost ?
Composting at home is an ecological and responsible practice that offers numerous benefits for the environment. By recycling organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and other compostable materials, we significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Composting thus helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste in landfill sites. Moreover, the compost obtained serves as a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients for plants, promoting healthier and more environmentally friendly agriculture. By practicing home composting, each individual can actively contribute to biodiversity preservation, waste reduction, and the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for future generations. It is a simple process, accessible to all, with a significant positive impact on our planet.

By using this indoor compost bucket, you actively contribute to reducing bio-waste while creating your own nutrient-rich compost for your plants. It is an eco-responsible approach that aligns with the goal of protecting our planet and preserving its resources.

Pebbly has paid particular attention to details by adding a bamboo handle to the bucket. This handle is both sturdy and elegant, allowing you to transport the bucket to your garden or city compost bin. Bamboo and steel are materials that offer a respectful alternative.

Usage tip : Empty your bucket outside once a week. Easy to clean with hot water and dish soap. Avoid using overly powerful chemical detergents that could harm the proper functioning of the outdoor composter. The filter should be regularly cleaned by hand with warm soapy water to prevent shrinking.

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