Reference PKV-400ROB
Maximum temparature 400°C Product with valve Cold tolerance Oven ok Microwave ok Dishwasher ok

Storage box - Round


Pebbly boxes are both resistant, compatible with your cooking and household appliances, suitable for everyday use. Pebbly round glass boxes are perfectly airtight so you can bring your lunch to the office, but also use it to pick up your lunch to go to a restaurant, fast food restaurant or food truck!

Reference PKV-400ROB

Pebbly boxes are designed to accompany you on a daily basis during your meals, at home, at the office or simply to store your food or leftovers. They are suitable for freezer, refrigerator, traditional oven and microwave oven. So you can bake a dish in the oven, store it in the fridge and reheat it in the microwave! Borosilicate glass offers very good resistance to thermal shock.

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