Reference NBA153
Food safe Made in bamboo Hand washing Eco-friendly product

Natural bamboo cutlery


Say no to plastic cutlery and opt for pretty natural bamboo cutlery! Bamboo, unlike wood, does not leave an unpleasant sensation in the mouth.

Dimensions: fork 19cm / knife 21cm / spoon 14cm

Reference NBA153

For healthy, ethical and sustainable meal breaks, Pebbly’s reusable bamboo cutlery is ideal! You can easily take this cutlery set on a picnic, for your lunch break at work, or your children’s lunch breaks on school trips ! nnJust slip your Pebbly bamboo cutlery set into your bag or desk drawer and refuse plastic cutlery !

This reusable bamboo cutlery is light and strong at the same time. They are cut from a piece of solid bamboo and contain no glue. After each use we recommend that you wash your cutlery in lukewarm, slightly soapy water.