Reference NBA066

Bamboo Serving Spoon


The Pebbly bamboo serving spoon measures 22 cm

Reference NBA066

This Pebbly serving spoon is the perfect accessory for serving rice, gratins or purees. With a ridged hollow and wide surface, this product allows you to serve good quantities of food without spilling any onto the table or worktop! With a range of different colored handle options available, you can match this product to any interior effortlessly. nnThe shape of the serving spoon is ergonomic, allowing for an easy and pleasant grip. The product also contains a notch to allow it to be hung up for storage purposes. With an aesthetic and colorful design, the serving spoon effortlessly brings joy to any kitchen or dining table! Pebbly recommends handwashing this product to avoid damaging the natural bamboo.

Naturally durable and 100% renewable, the Pebbly bamboo serving spoon guarantees long-lasting use. All paint used on this product is also safe and compatible with food contact. Bamboo is a grass that offers many ecological benefits – it grows quickly and requires very little watering. It can be harvested several times a year and easily matches the strength and durability of some precious woods. It is ideal for use with food as it does not retain odors or absorb moisture. nnChoosing an eco-responsible product is now more important than ever and is a meaningful act in itself. This is why Pebbly is committed to providing you with quality environmentally friendly kitchen utensils and products, such as the bamboo serving spoon.
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