Reference NBA089

Bamboo utensil pot


The Pebbly utensil pot brings practicality, authenticity and aesthetics to your interior. It will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen to hold your utensils! The bamboo utensil pot measures 10x10x15cm.

Reference NBA089

The Pebbly natural bamboo utensil pot has been designed to simplify the storage of your utensils whilst bringing a designer and colorful touch to your interior. Practical, robust and functional, the Pebbly utensil pot has a side opening to hold even the smallest utensils, such as a small toast tong or serving spoon. Neither too high nor too narrow, this utensil pot will be a practical addition to your countertop to keep all of your utensils close by! Made entirely of natural bamboo this object is very strong and impact resistant. It also has ventilation holes to prevent water from stagnating, enabling the bamboo to resist water absorption. The base of the Pebbly utensil pot is colored red with a paint entirely compatible for food contact. This pop of color brings cheerfulness and modernity to your kitchen all year round. The design of this object adapts to all interior decorations. It is also easy to clean with only the wipe of a sponge.

This utensil pot is made from bamboo, which makes it an entirely natural and refined storage item. The bamboo used for this Pebbly item comes from the Fujian region near the bamboo forests in Eastern China. The raw material is shaped by hand which makes each product a unique object. Bamboo offers several advantages that are useful in cooking. Bamboo is a water-resistant plant, meaning it will not absorb moisture allowing it to be long-lasting. Additionally, bamboo has excellent environmental qualities because it is a grass that requires little watering and can be harvested several times a year.