Reference PKV-005

Tall and square box in glass and bamboo


Discover the tall and square boxes available in three sizes! These stackable boxes are ideal for storing dry foods such as pasta, cereal and rice.

Reference PKV-005

Made of borosilicate glass, these boxes have a natural bamboo lid and a silicone gasket to seal them tightly. Their curved lids allow you to stack them and save space in the kitchen! Easy to clean, the seals are removable, and the boxes are dishwasher safe. nnDo you want to buy your food in bulk? Store them in glass containers! These glass boxes are sturdy, whilst their bamboo lids bring a modern and warm touch to your shelves. The lids have a silicone gasket to allow for better sealing of the boxes. You can store dry foods such as flour, sugar, coffee, muesli and legumes with ease.

Bamboo has been tested and approved as a very durable material. Naturally antibacterial, it is a material that adapts perfectly to culinary use. Not very porous, it is resistant to humidity and retains its original high quality for many years.nnGlass is made entirely from natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash). It is ideal for storage thanks to its neutrality and stability when in contact with food. Additionally, it is an inert and unalterable material, making it long-lasting and resistant to time (but sadly not to clumsy hands! )