Reference NBA181

Lunch bag


Discover the organic cotton lunch bag from Pebbly!

Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 32cm

Reference NBA181

Thanks to its large capacity of 13.5L, this Pebbly organic cotton lunch bag can hold a lunchbox and a bottle. You can also store a sweet snack thanks to the mesh pocket attached to the outside of the bag. nnIn order to adapt the size of the bag to the contents, the top of the bag folds with a closure straps and snap button. nnThe bottom of the Pebbly organic cotton bag is rigid to maintain a secure hold and stability for your containers. This element is also removable to adapt to your needs.

The Pebbly organic cotton lunch bag has reinforced seams that will withstand the weight of glass boxes! nnAs well as being incredibly useful on a daily basis, this bag has been crafted by our designers to appear natural and elegant, in keeping with our other products.