Reference PKV-022
BPA free Cold tolerance Oven ok Microwave ok Dishwasher ok Made in glass

Nomadic glass lunchbox with plastic cutlery


Discover the new version of the Pebbly lunchbox. In borosilicate glass it is now available with a plastic lid and cutlery in sage green color!

Capacity 1.2L: 20x14x6.5cm

Cutlery: 14.8cm

Reference PKV-022

This lunch box can be used to take out and store all your homemade meals. The container is made of borosilicate glass, an ultra-resistant material that withstands temperature shocks. It can therefore be used as a dish for baking or for heating in the microwave! nnBorosilicate glass is a material that is very resistant to shock and thermal shock, so you can easily take the dish out of the freezer and place it straight into the oven.

The Pebbly plastic lunchbox has a silicone seal on the lid, perfect for airtight closure. For more safety during transport, an elastic band is provided with the box to keep the lid tightly closed. Its lid is made of sage green plastic and contains a compartment for clipping the cutlery provided. The cutlery is therefore protected from dust and other impurities for greater hygiene.