Reference PEB-BROB

Kitchen scale – Round


The kitchen scale is an essential item for your kitchen. Pebbly has developed a scale available in several colors and patterns, that measures your food to the nearest gram for highly successful recipes! The Pebbly round kitchen scale measures 18.5cm.

Reference PEB-BROB

You will be surprised by the lightness of the Pebbly round scale! The materials used in this product are designed to be robust without weighing it down, making it easy to transport. Its surface is large enough to place a bowl, salad bowl or even a box containing ingredients to be weighed. The Pebbly round kitchen scale is still compact and can be easily stored in a drawer or cupboard.

Opt for a Pebbly round scale today. Its aesthetic colorful design will bring a cheerfulness to any kitchen. With precision down to the gram and a maximum capacity of 5kg, you can make a range of delicious small dishes or desserts. You also have a conversion to liters function, allowing you to effortlessly switch between liquid and solid measurements ! So practical!