Reference NBA165
Food safe Made in bamboo Hand washing Eco-friendly product

Set of two cutting boards – sage green


Cut, chisel, mince, slice, trim… so many actions that can be effortlessly performed on Pebbly bamboo cutting boards! This set of two cutting boards can be used in your kitchen on a daily basis.

Dimensions: S = 22 x 15cm / M = 35 x 25 cm

Reference NBA165

This set of two breadboards, available in two sizes, is ideal for cutting various ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other foods. They have a channel to collect juices, so you avoid dirtying your worktop when cutting. nnThe sage green outlines of these two boards blend perfectly with the natural color of bamboo and bring a touch of joy to your worktop or table when serving. Indeed, in addition to being practical when cutting, these boards will also be ideal for aesthetically presenting appetizers.

The bamboo in this set of two cutting boards is strong and robust; it resists moisture and guarantees long lasting use. Bamboo is renowned for its ecological properties, as it is a plant that requires very little water and can be harvested multiple times each year. Additionally, it is very easy to maintain, guaranteeing you plenty of use.