Reference NBA102

Colorful Bamboo Breadboard


A breadboard is an essential item for any kitchen. Aesthetic and practical, it allows you to easily cut bread without losing a single crumb! The Pebbly breadboard measures 35x25 cm.

Reference NBA102

Pebbly’s colorful breadboard is highly aesthetic. Primarily designed to be practical and pleasant to use, it comes in two different sizes to adapt to your needs and space constraints. The breadboard also serves decorative purposes, thanks to its aesthetic design it can remain visible on your worktop at all times. Easy and pleasant to handle, this new design has refined and colored edges to give a touch of modernity to your kitchen or table. The board also has a notch on the top rack, allowing you to effortlessly empty out crumbs. The depth of the tray helps to retain crumbs, preventing them from spilling during transport. Pebbly’s colorful breadboard can also be used at the table, to cut and serve bread.

The colorful breadboard is easy to store – designed to be flat and compact it takes up as little space as possible. It can be easily stacked horizontally or stored vertically with your other boards. The Pebbly colorful breadboard is ideal for slicing bread before or during a meal. It also has excellent stability on the worktop or dining table when presenting or cutting bread.

The bamboo composing this colorful breadboard is strong and sturdy, with the advantages of being moisture-resistant and long-lasting. Bamboo is famous for its ecological attributes; it is a fast-growing plant which requires little watering and can be harvested up to 5 times per year. Its easy maintenance guarantees you ease of use.

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