Reference PKV-015

Set of 3 square glass and bamboo boxes


Discover the Pebbly square boxes with rounded edges! (11x11x11cm). They have a capacity of 800ml and are made from borosilicate glass. The lids are made from natural bamboo and have a silicone seal to ensure the airtight storage of food.

These boxes are ideal for storing your dry food. Highly practical, they can be stacked to save space on your shelves.

Reference PKV-015

Are you a fan of bulk food shopping? Or do you simply seek to increase the storage in your kitchen? These borosilicate glass boxes are sturdy, whilst their bamboo lids bring a modern and homely touch to your shelves. The lids have a silicone gasket for better airtightness of the boxes. You can store dry foods such as flour, sugar, coffee, muesli and legumes very easily.

Storing food in glass jars ensures that taste and flavor is preserved for longer in a healthier way. Glass is a useful material in the kitchen as it does not migrate, meaning it will not alter the taste of your food.