Reference PKV-018

Set of 3 glass and bamboo boxes


Discover Pebbly’s set of 3 glass and bamboo boxes! Ideal for keeping dishes cool, storing dry ingredients or reheating preparations in the microwave or oven (please remove the bamboo cover before heating).

Dimensions: 400ml / 15x10.5x5cm | 640ml / 17x12.5x6cm | 1000ml / 20x15x6.5cm

Reference PKV-018

Replace your plastic boxes and films with these practical and durable glass/bamboo containers, ideal for storing and preserving food. Their stackable lids will save you space on your shelves, or in the refrigerator. nnThe design of these boxes makes them ideal for storage in a refrigerator.

•tBorosilicate glass – durable and guaranteed BPA free n•tThey will not stain or absorb the odors of your food n•tAirtight lid with food-grade silicone lid n•tPerfect for preparation and storage n•tCompatible with dishwashers, microwaves, ovens and freezers (without lids)

Bamboo has excellent environmental qualities, because it is a grass that can be harvested several times each year. It is a natural, durable material with low porosity making it resistant to water absorption. Additionally, it will bring a modern and warm touch to your kitchen shelves !